Data Products & Apps by I4DS

Data and tools generated for our publicly funded research projects are open and accessible for everyone.

Data Center | X-ray telescope STIX

Data and tools related to the operation of the X-ray telescope STIX and the scientific processing of its observations

> STIX project page
> STIX project page @I4DS

Python Library | IRISreader

Functionality to read IRIS level 2 data by the IRIS satellite and to process it for big data applications. IRISreader works best with a Jupyter notebook.

> IRIS Big Data project page @I4DS
> IRIS Big Data project page @UNIGE

Data Archive | e-Callisto

Observations of the Sun in radio frequencies
Data: solar dynamic spectra
Frequency range: 20 – 5000 MHz
Instruments: radio spectrometers e-Callisto,  Phoenix-3, Phoenix-4
Time range: 2002 – today
> e-Callisto @ I4DS
> e-Callisto website

Data Archive | RHESSI

Observations of solar flares in X-ray
Data: raw data, observing summary
Energy range: X-rays (~3 keV) to gamma rays (up to ~20 MeV)
Instrument: X-ray space telescope RHESSI
Time range: 2002 – 2018
> RHESSI website

*The new RHESSI browser will soon be available

Visualization App | Heliotime

Interactive timeline for exploring solar activity in time
Data: GOES X-ray flux, SDO AIA 171, SOHO EIT 171
Time range: 1981 – today (near real-time)
Feature: Preview images are linked to NASA’s visualization app for exploring solar events of interest in detail
Web-app: no software installation required

Visualization App | JHelioviewer

3D visualization tool for exploring solar data
Data: solar images from the major solar observatories from three different servers
Data format: JPEG (2000 compression standard)
Features: timeline with image time series, events from the Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase and more

Forecasting App | FLARECAST

Tool for forecasting the probability of a solar flare
Web-app: no software installation required
> FLARECAST website

Data Set | SDO Benchmark

Machine learning image data set for predicting solar flares
Format: jpg