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Journal Club

Tuesdays 14.30

Biweekly discussion group on topics in heliophysics

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Room 5.2C30


Science Museum London

March 2-3, London

What happened on the Sun
on my special day?
Discover with heliotime.org

Swiss solar activities for families
on the occasion of SML’s
special exhibit ‚The Sun‘.

In co-operation with Raumschiff and the Swiss Embassy in UK.

3rd Swiss SCOSTEP Workshop

March 6-7, Davos

Fundamental solar physics, solar variability, Sun-Earth relations in proxies, observations, and model simulations, future (space) missions/observations

Astronomiekurs für Kinder

8 x ab 26. Februar 2019

Der geheime Schlüssel zum Universum

Im Rahmen des EU-Projektes SySTEM2020

Wo: Raumschiff – Werkstatt für Astronomie, Dübendorf

Happy Quarter

Every Friday 17.45

at the Institute for Data Science.

Yes, many of us are still here at this time 👍🏽

A tradition we inherited from the Berkeley Space Sciences Lab.


Everybody is welcome!


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Past Events

Conferences and Meetings

2018 November 15-16, 2018, 23rd Solar Orbiter Science Working Team Meeting

More than 50 scientists and engineers from allover Europe met in Windisch with representatives of the European Space Agency ESA to discuss updates on Solar Orbiter mission preparations.

More than 80 participants from the SKA organization, government agencies, universities and the Swiss industry participated at the 3rd Swiss SKA Days organized by EPFL and I4DS at the FHNW Brugg-Windisch Campus.

Artist’s impression of the SKA radio telescope at night.


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Journal Club

2019 February 12, Frequency rising sub-THz emission from solar flare ribbons 
2019 January 29, Statistical Study of Chromospheric Evaporation in Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares
2019 January 15, Solar Ohysics with the Square Kilometer Array
2018 December 18, Life Versus Dark Energy: How An Advanced Civilization Could Resist the Accelerating Expansion of the Universe
2018 December 4, Finding Flares in Kepler Data Using Machine-Learning Tools
2018 November 20, Topological model of the anemone microflares in the solar chromosphere 
2018 November 6, How Nanoflares Produce Kinetic Waves, Nano-Type III Radio Bursts, and Non-Thermal Electrons in the Solar Wind
2018 October 23, Electron Time-of-Flight Distances and Flare Loop Geometries Compared from CGRO and YOHKOH Observations

Talks & Public Engagement


2019 February 14, Neubad Lecture Luzern: Schwarze Löcher: über untote Sterne, die ihre lebendigen Artgenossen essen, die Raumzeit krümmen und über die Rolle, die sie in unserer Galaxie und im Universum spielen, mit Cédric Huwyler

2018 November 28, Swiss Solar Activities at Science Museum London Lates: Explosiv oder ruhig? Die Schweizer Sonnenphysik an der Late Night mit einem interaktiven Stand um das am I4DS entwickelte App heliotime.org für helioviewer.org. Für die Schweizer Botschaft anlässlich der Sonderausstellung The Sun – Living with our Star  


2018 November 22, Space Talks @EG-Bar: Die Geheimnisse des dunklen Universums und die ESA Mission Euclid, mit André Csillaghy

2018 November 15, SATW TecNight Frauenfeld, Vortrag: Wie wird das Weltraumwetter morgen? Exponat: Science on a Table

2018 November 1, Space Talks @EG-Bar: Weltraumwetter und die ESA Mission Solar Orbiter, mit Marina Battaglia


2018 October 30, Invited Talk @I4DS: Power Coders – the Coding Academy for Refugees



STEAM Activities and Workshops

2018 October 9-12, Tüftelcamp
2018 April, July Ferienplausch



2018 December 20, Holiday Party: The Institute for Interactive Technologies and the Institute for Data Science celebrated together!

2018 September 21, Celebration of the decommissionning of the RHESSI satellite